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Do you have little piles and trinket dishes with mismatched jewelry tangled up all over your bathroom and bedroom? Let's get that jewelry organized with this easy painted jewelry organizer. I'll show you how I painted it step by step and what stencils I used. Inspired by Mexican serape blankets, this southwestern design will add the perfect pop of color to any room and reduce your clutter at the same time. For the full tutorial head over to the blog,
I know it looks complicated, but it was relatively easy to paint! The most time consuming part is taping off all those little stripes. And then painting in between them. But there really is no skill involved because I've already laid it out for you step by step. If you go the Girls Build Club blog look for the blog post called " Painted Serape Jewelry Organizer". There you'll find the exact stencils and paint colors I used so you can replicate this design, without any guesswork!

1. Find a piece of scrapwood. I used a piece of 1x7 and cut it to 24" long. Then I sanded it smooth so there weren't any splinters or jagged edges.
2. Then I taped off my design and started by painting any bare wood - which ends up being every other stripe. The wider blank areas will end up being large sections of black. Remove your tape before the paint dries. Then wait for the paint to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. If you start the 2nd round of taping too early, then you run the risk of lifting up some of your perfectly painted lines.
3. Now we will tape over the first painted stripes, and paint between the new stripes. Here, in the top example, it's all taped and painted. The bottom example shows the stripes after lifting off the tape. Starting to look so pretty. I love how the colors look together!
4. Next you'll add some of those tiny white and black stripes you see.
5. Then, you'll be ready to stencil!! I found a bunch of great stencils at Hobby Lobby to use, but I bet you could find the same ones at Michael's or Joann's. I usually outline my stencil with a white pencil, remove the stencil, and then fill in the white outline with a red paint pen.
6. Finally, just add some square furniture nails (for furniture upholstery). 7. You can hang the board with double-sided sticky tape or screw it into your wall studs.
What's your opinion? I can't decide which version I like better, the distressed, sanded down version. Or the crisp clean lines version in the bottom example. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below? My husband says the crisp clean lines version, but I keep going back and forth!
Add some jewelry and you're done! Now you have a little less jewelry clutter and some cheerful colors to brighten up your space. If you do this project, I'd LOVE to see your version of it. Post some photos on the blog, Girls Build Club, and tell me what you did differently. Pin this to save it for later! Have fun!
Suggested materials:
  • Apple Barrel matte craft paint   (Walmart)
  • Scrap wood   (Lumber store)
  • Foam brushes   (Walmart)
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