Rainbow Ring Organiser - DIY (Recycle PVC Pipes)

Zebs Artbeat
by Zebs Artbeat
Aren't you guys fed up of dumping your rings here and there..? Well, this DIY is specially designed for you all to keep your jewellery organized. Also it works as a gift for your beloveds. Moreover its a recycling video, where you don't have to spend money and just make use of the available material at your place and come up with a wonderful amazing organizer cum gift pack.
I am using a calendar box here to make this Ring Holder, you can use any empty boxes you wish to use. The size of the box may vary depending on the number of rings and the size of the pipe you have, Here i have used an ordinary box, you can also recycle any box like that.
As you have seen i have used the PVC pipes to make the holder for my ring and you can always give it up an beautiful touch by painting it in a colorful rainbow pattern like i have done it above. To watch how to paint this you will have to watch the video below to get it a clear understanding.

Decorating is the Key! Now to see the whole decorating that i have given to my ring holder is in the video were i have shown some very simple and easy steps, with some tips too!
Here watch the full length video and get a better understanding on how to make the final product. Make sure to watch more such amazing and creative ring holder and other organizers on my YouTube channel at ZebsArtbeat.

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  • Norma Thornton Elliott Norma Thornton Elliott on Mar 07, 2018

    When first looking at this project I thought the “PVC pipe” were actually noodles and that there was just a misprint.

    I’m fixing to watch the video on this and see how it’s actually made with PVC pipe.

  • Barb Barb on Feb 17, 2020

    I watched the video and I still think these are pool noodles, never did I see bendable PVC