Rustic Wood and Copper Pipe Jewelry Hanger

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by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
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If you're anything like me you have quite a collection of jewelry and adornments. For several years now I have simply hung my necklaces from 2 nails creating a tangled pile of chains and rope. That's why I decided to make this jewelry hanger. All it takes is a couple of copper pipes glued to wood and some cup hooks. It is also extremely customizable to fit your needs and style!
Now my jewelry has a much better place to live. The copper and turquoise combo matches my decor perfectly! You could also use a different color to distress the wood with and use brass dowels (you can find at Blick art stores) if it's more fitting to your decor!

-Gorilla Glue / Wood Glue

-90 Copper Elbows (3 are pictured, but I ended up only using 2 as I changed the design in the process)

-A saw

-A pack of screw in cup hooks


-Acrylic Paints (brown / white / turquoise / copper)

-1/4" x 1' copper pipes (2)

-Pack of picture hangers


-1.25" x 8' wood plank (I had my hardware store cut this into 3x3x2 for easier transport)

-4 Long screws and 2 short ones
STEP 1: Break a Copper Pipe in Half

Take one of your copper pipes and bend it in half until it breaks. Set these 2 pieces aside. It is pretty flexible so this is easier than it sounds.
STEP 2: Cut Your Wood Block Pieces

Grab your wooden plank and measure 6" and mark a straight line across the wood. Measure 3" from this line and mark a straight line. Mark another 3" over and draw another line. Take your saw and cut through at each line.
STEP 3: Sand the Wood

Sand down any rough edges on your 3 pieces you just cut.
STEP 4: Paint the Wood Blocks

Take your brown paint and put a squirt or two in a bowl. Add a bit of water (less than a tsp) and mix them together. Now grab a brush and apply the mixture to your wood. Take your white paint and repeat this process. *Watering down your paint allows it to be more like a wash than paint.
Next, take a dry brush and dip just the tips in the turquoise paint. Paint over your wood, but with sporadic strokes being sure to leave some spots untouched by turquoise. This gives it a distressed look helping give that rustic vibe.
STEP 5: Add Screws to the Wood Blocks

Once your paint has dried, grab your wooden pieces and your 6 screws. On your 6" piece of wood, screw a long screw into each end of the wood. On your 3" pieces, screw a long screw into one end of each. Take your short screws and screw a short screw onto the middle of each 3" piece.
STEP 6: Add Cup Hooks to the Wood Blocks

Decide how many cup hooks you want on each piece of wood. Mark that many spots evenly as a guide for where to screw them. Paint your cup hooks with your copper acrylic paint and set them aside to dry. Once they are dry screw them into the marks you made on each piece of wood.
STEP 7: Add Your Copper Pipe

It's time to add your copper pipe! Now take your unbroken piece of copper pipe and slide it over the long screws on each 3" piece so that it rests in between them. Apply gorilla glue where the copper meets the wood. Take your copper elbows and place them over the short screws on the 3" pieces. Grab your gorilla glue and glue these also in place. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.
For the second hanger, take the two pieces of copper you made in step 1 and slide them over the long screws on each end of the 6" piece of wood. Take your gorilla glue and apply it where the copper pipe and wood meet. Allow to dry. *To help keep the pipe in place while it dried I placed the end of a paintbrush underneath. Once the glue has dried it has a sort of yellowish color. Luckily gorilla glue is paintable! To disguise your glue simply brush light strokes of brown, white and turquoise over any visible glue spots.
STEP 8: Attach Picture Hangers

Take your picture hangers and nail them into your wooden pieces. Use one wooden hanger on each of the 3" pieces and 2 on opposite ends of the 6" piece of wood.
STEP 9: Put up Your Hangers

Find where you want to hang your gems and hang your new hangers to the wall. Use screws vs. nails to help catch the teeth of the picture hangers. *Be sure to keep things level.
STEP 10: Hang Your Jewelry

Now you are ready to add some jewels! Hang your necklaces and earrings from your cup hooks and cuffs around the copper pipes.
No more tangled necklaces on a nail! *I used the outer copper pipes to hang chunkier necklaces that didn't fit comfortably in a cup hook. I also used the copper elbows to hang bangles from.
Suggested materials:
  • Gorilla Glue   (Lowe's)
  • 1/4"x1' Copper Pipe   (Lowe's)
  • 1.25"x8' Wooden Plank   (Home Depot)
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