Asked on Feb 22, 2015

Making 2 small bedrooms divided by a small bath into master suite

Brenda Osborn
by Brenda Osborn
Any one got any ideas for this or how can I get help, send the drawing somewhere. I am disabled and I know that the bathroom needs to change as it is now is a hazard to me. I'd rather have a shower that I can roll into for safety sake.
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  • Darlene Matthews Darlene Matthews on Feb 23, 2015
    AAPD might have ideas. @Brenda Osborn

  • Brenda Osborn Brenda Osborn on Feb 27, 2015

  • Steve Whitney Steve Whitney on Mar 01, 2015
    You really need a contractor that lives in your area or a good handyman. I'm in Florida and would look at it but that is no help. Sorry.

  • Arletta Arletta on Mar 01, 2015
    I don't know your age, but, AARP might be able to help you find someone. or try They can help you find someone that could help you I'm sure, and, their service is free to use to find someone. They are kind of like Angie's List. Hope this helps.

  • Dennis Dennis on Mar 02, 2015
    I do not know if this will help but last week I saw a chair that was inside a small tub. it was for handy caped people [a motorized chair]if had a shower head mounted to the back of the connected a hose from a faucet to a pipe that led to the shower head.there was another hose that ran from the bottom of the tub to a drain there was a plug so you could use it to soke your feet.

  • Accentuations! Accentuations! on Mar 02, 2015
    seriously, Benda you need a contractor that can remove the tub and tile you a roll in shower with a floor drain. It helps to have everything tiled so that you don't sustain water damage. Is there an organization in your town for seniors or handicapped that could recommend someone local to you?\