Stencil your walls with stamps

This elegant but soft look adds character and style to an otherwise boring bedroom. Get tutorial here

Turn your bed into a princess canopy

Add pipes and a flowing sheet to create a stunning canopy that totally transforms the room. Get tutorial here

Or make one out of an embroidery hoop

This is both whimsical and flirty, and it’s a cinch to make. Get tutorial here

Add some bright and colorful nightstands

If your bedroom doesn’t have much color, this is great way to add some. Get tutorial here

Contrast board and batten with a bold color

This stunning contrast is both bright and and bold, and transforms any bedroom. Get tutorial here

Paint an accent wall with a stencil

Bring the focus to the wall behind your bed, and add a bit of design, with a stencil. Get tutorial here

Or transport your room with a stencil

This birch forest stencil takes the room to a different place. Get tutorial here

Hang a designer wall mirror

It doesn’t actually have to be designer, but mirrors open space and add light. Get tutorial here

Add a pattern to your bedroom furniture

Sometimes even just one change can brighten up a bedroom. Get tutorial here

Build a pallet accent wall

It’s easier than you think, and your room will look gorgeous. Get tutorial here

Hang up some homemade art

Melt some candles into an abstract and colorful picture for your wall. Get tutorial here

Create your own tufted headboard

A headboard drastically changes the style of your room without much effort. Get tutorial here