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Find out how you can soften the look of your baby’s nursery with Vanilla Frosting like Cait from Little City Farmhouse did with this crib!
Hello readers!

One of my favourite things to paint are pieces for nurseries. There’s something so special about them. I recently refinished this beautiful cradle for an expecting mama!

The cradle was originally a dark wood that had been lightly primed. So I gave it two coats of Vanilla Frosting in the All-in-One formula. Because of the tiny spindles, I used the narrowest Country Chic paint brush. These brushes are my absolutely favourite – they apply the paint beautifully, and cleaning them is a breeze!
When the cradle was dry I distressed it all over. This formula gives off more ‘dust’ than the regular formula when sanding, so my favourite way to get it all cleaned up is to vacuum it with the soft brush attachment!
Because the All-in-One paint is just that – all in one – there’s no need for a topcoat! The finish is hard and durable.
The cradle turned out so sweetly, all ready for a new little one.
Suggested materials:
  • Vanilla Frosting All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Synthetic Bristle Brush   (Country Chic Paint)
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