Suggestions on Baby Girl Nursery - Incorporate Floral

by Ale7800643
Ok.. So my daughter is now 6 weeks old. We decorated her nursery fairly plain and stuck with pink and gold. My wonderful mother decorated wood letters for the nursery (babies name) and they're very cute! I had a change of heart shortly after her being born and was seeing so much bright floral and bright 'bohemian' looking designs.. But we're no where close to being able to afford doing anything over the top, or really able to afford anything at this point due to me being off of work and completely unpaid. I've been trying to find a way to incorporate some floral in the room, but I'm struggling because nothing seems to look okay with the letters.. The letters have to stay, so that's not an option.. Grandma spent lots of time on those 😊
Anyway, I found this crib rail cover that has some gold and pink that match the room and was able to use some gift cards we received at the shower.. (Thank God because the price on this seriously scared me... Especially being a "couponer", this mommy doesn't like full-price!) Now my question is what else can I do to help incorporate floral in the room without making the letters clash terribly?
I had thought about doing some fake flowers hanging from the curtains? I've seen some cute DIY floral hanging pieces on Pinterest and I think I could make something like that fit into our budget. Opinions? Other suggestions?
*will add photos of room below!
Here's a photo of the room, the leopard blanket will obviously not stay 😉
Another photo, our dogs bed has to stay also. She would be seriously depressed if she didn't have a spot in the babies room.... Surprised she actually didn't make it into the photo 😝
We have a canvas hanging that needs to be put up above here, I'll post a photo of that also..

The closet is to the left, we have a matching curtain to the window curtains that will go up there... But we have to get it hemmed before it can be hung up!
The canvas hanging we have to put up...
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  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jul 03, 2016
    Looks adorable!!

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 03, 2016
    You could add some scatter cushions on the "feeding" chair. They're really easy to make and your mom looks like she's really talented, she could help. A gypsy mobile over your little girl's crib would also add some boho chic. You can make it from pom-poms and scraps of fabric that match your mom's lovely sign.

    • Ale7800643 Ale7800643 on Jul 03, 2016
      Good ideas! She is definitely the crafty one in the family... I'll have to pick her brain some more and she what she can make for us!