Brick Backyard Firepit

by Bryan
I built a brick firepit in my backyard.
*My motivation to do this project:
We really enjoy outside in the fall and love to sit by the fire with family and friends. I know people that have purchased the metal raised firepits at home improvement stores and seems to be to much up keep. They rust from the rain and warp from the heat unless you keep them covered. Plus they are expensive. I waned a simplar solution.
*Project Steps:
dug a level spot, put down some sand then rocks and more sand to give myself a nice level fire resistant platform. Then I stacked my bricks, as you can see I slightly spaced the bottom row of bricks to allow for airflow.
make sure you lay the blocks out ahead of time to figure out what overall size to make it.
21 X landscaping block - $26.25
about 100 lbs X leftover play sand - $0.00
2 bags X leftover gravel - $0.00
i cleaned up all the debris in my backyard
leveled the ground and filled with small amount of sand, then gravel.
covered top with more sand
stacked bricks
bottom row is spaced to allow airflow
ready to go.
smores anyone?
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  • Terry Terry on Apr 19, 2018

    How wide is the fire pit across, from inside to inside?

  • Terry Terry on Apr 19, 2018

    How wide is the fire pit across, from inside to inside? And what are the stone blocks called?

  • where can buy this bricks?

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  • Debbie Foreman Debbie Foreman on Mar 24, 2015
    make a nice mother days gift ill make that idea

  • Timothy Sibbel Timothy Sibbel on Jan 12, 2016
    Meredith makes a very good point... The only Bricks that are rated to handle the heat a FIRE Can put out, are Fire Bricks, which are Yellowish in color. Line the inside of the pit with FIRE Bricks, then you can use any style brick you want on the outside. But the FIRE BRICK needs to be on the inside. Otherwise, they will crack due to the heat of the fire!