Too Thin Glass Wall Needs 2nd Layer DIY - Under Budget

Chiyoko Kana
by Chiyoko Kana
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It was really hot summer, and finally the air got livable and nice one to work on project lately here So I decided to make another window DIY before it gets cold.
The DIYing the second layer window, inner ones, was my project last year on north side of the dining room. That old window had a normal but thinner glass which was letting both heat and coldness into my house.
Asking and hiring constructors are wise choice, I know, but I have no other choice with very limited budget. Here is what I have done.
This is my biggest window wall with temperature. It actually very wide and basically, a wall. In spring time, it would be really nice to have sun light coming through this glass wall, but I can't really do that either because of my neighbor's window is right there.
I had 3 layers of curtains to prevent the coldness last 2 winters, but it didn't just work. Our room was as cold as outside, which makes air-conditioners and other heaters work less efficiently.
Step 1: Draw window plan, prepare materials, start constructing it

Drawing is very important, which makes material preparation easier and efficient. I drew very simple hand-drawing for this wall and prepared necessary wooden pieces. My budget was really tight, so I chose 1 x 4 lumber as it is cheaper yet durable enough for my purpose.
Important thing is to make door part first, then make adjustment on frame is necessary. I am truly sick of the utility bill during the winter...
Step 2: Assemble two doors.
Now it looks like a real window. Since I wanted to have both side to be openable, I used hinges to attach.
Placing the plastic cardboard instead of real glass is something I chose to do here. The reasons are; 1. They are light and good to keep temperature, 2. Tough, 3. Cheap. Add handles at last, It is all done.
Step 4: Completion! - Added small curtain to keep privacy.
Here is the window-wall today. I used plastic cardboard only bottom half, then placed clear table cover I bought at Home depot to have clear sight too. And the small curtain is to prevent to be seen by outside.(Since houses of neighbors are right next)
It is brighter and nicer than before! I just hope it would make difference on utility bill this wintericon
Suggested materials:
  • 1 x 4 lumbers   (Home depot)
  • Table cover   (Home depot)
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