Fire Starters From Recycled Items

by Judy
10 Minutes
For a cheap, fantastic fire starter for wood stoves & campfires.
Make them fancy for gifts.
I get requests for these after they used them.
At first I just get a weird look. Then they are hooked after they tried lighting a fire that won't go. These do the trick.
Using all recycled items this is completely free.

Dryer lint.
Do you have dryer lint? Step one. Ball it up and stuff into a paper egg carton. My family thought I was nuts keeping a baggie of lint. It seems that one sheet of lint is perfect for one section of an egg carton. Use only paper egg cartons.
I usually don't cut the carton until I am done but these were leftovers from crafts. Stuff the lint in the carton. Only paper egg cartons should be used. Add glitter if you want. I don't because of possibility of toxic gases being released. Metal sparkles are ok. Those are usually super old from 1950 or before.
Melt an old candle or melt the wax in a pot. If you do the drip method, DO NOT LIGHT IT ON FIRE. Dripping wax can grab a piece of the flame and start your project on fire. I kept water near me to make sure it was under control. For gifts I add a piece of paper ribbon ontop. Tying them with raffia makes them real cute. Especially colored ones.
Not pretty but functional. Store in an airtight container or bag. Place in between logs. The paper and lint are great excellerants and the wax makes it burn longer and sticks to the wood, helping the fire actually burn.
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  • Wendy Wendy on Sep 03, 2017
    Brilliant idea! And with the cooler months coming, this will come in handy!

  • Judy Judy on Sep 28, 2019

    I’ve updated this to using very dry pine cones with wax dropped over it then wrap in newspaper or waxed paper. They light and burn wonderfully.

    DO NOT use wax projects as fire starters in side your home. Wax if from standard candles have petroleum and can build up cause problems like hotter fires or residue. One in a while or only 1 starter is okay.