What’s Hot in Fire Pits

There are a wide variety of fire pits available, so today we’re focusing mainly on what’s hot in natural gas fire pit accessories and style. And one design, in particular, is getting a lot of buzz: the “rectangular” fire pit.
To get an expert’s opinion on why this is so, we spoke with Joey Shimek, Eastern US Sales Manager for Outdoor GreatRoom Company. (Full disclosure, Long Island Hot Tub sells this company’s fire pits at our showroom.)
“‘Rectangular,’ or ‘linear,’ fire pits are very popular right now because they go so well with an outdoor love seat or L-shaped couch. In addition, because there are so many round and square fire pits already out there, the linear shape for its difference has become a new and growing trend for this size.”
As for fire pit accessories, Shimek says that remote controls, which allow a fire pit to be turned on and off like a light switch, is popular for its convenience. “Also, some people are afraid of being too close when lighting a flame. There’s no need for this fear with our designs, but it is still a preference, and considered a safety element.”
Log sets for the more traditional concrete or stone fire pits are also popular, he says. They come in variety of natural wood styles such as birch or oak, depending on the style of the fire pit and outdoor fireplace.
“These log sets offer the look and feel of natural wood, but with all the convenience of natural gas,” says Shimek.
Fire Pit Glass Guards
Another hot accessory for fire pits are glass guards that create the look of “dancing flames” within. The glass guards project flames, providing a reflection, so you get two or three reflections, in addition to the real flame. It also helps the glass gems in the fire pit appear to be a liquid and not just beads. Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company
Bar Fire Pit
Raised fire pits can double as a bar for sitting. They also come with burner covers when you don’t want a flame. Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company
Glass Fire Gems
The “fire gems” in these natural gas fire pits come in many shapes and sizes: round, diamond and crushed glass. To change the look of your fire pit you can mix sizes and change the color according to the seasons. For Fall, for example, you could choose a copper glass gem to give an amber appearance. Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company
Fire Pit Covers
Just like one’s outdoor patio furniture, before winter sets in you might want to cover your fire pit to help protect it. Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company
Fire Pit Safety
Should the flames in these units showcased today ever go out, the units will shut down automatically. A very popular safety feature! Photo: Outdoor GreatRoom Company
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