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Wood is one of the most versatile materials for DIY home projects. No matter your style or budget, you can find the perfect DIY wood project for you.

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Are you on a tight budget? Look to re-purpose scrap wood from a previous DIY home project. Are you going for a rustic farmhouse look in your home? Choose barn boards, pallet wood or reclaimed wood. Do you want a sleek, modern look? Purchase new wood and give it a glossy finish to really play up the modern look. The options are endless. Therefore, go ahead, find that huge blank space in your house and fill it up with gorgeous DIY wood décor or furniture that you love. Here are 15 great ideas to get you started!

DIY Wood Décor Projects

Home decor is so much more interesting when you make it yourself. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to take hours to do. It doesn’t even have to be expensive! Oftentimes you can use scrap wood or pallet wood for your project, making it cost nothing at all. Below are some unique DIY wood decor projects with varying levels of difficulty and costs. Happy woodworking!

1. Rustic Wood Decorative Coat Rack

This gorgeous rustic wood coat rack costs less than $10 to make and is ideal for hanging decor items like wreaths, bags, and artwork. By using scrap wood, this Hometalker only had to pay for the rustic hooks on the front. This is a large piece of decor that can really make a statement in your home. The rustic look is unique, signaling to guests that this piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Grab your woodworking tools and get started!

How to make a key holder out of wood (That Cozy Look)

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2. Barn Door Shutters

These DIY barn door shutters are the perfect addition to a farmhouse-style living room. These were made simply from old fence boards. After some cutting, nailing and whitewashing, these barn doors shutters were ready to go up on the wall. This Hometalker added some beautiful farmhouse-style cotton and twig wreaths on top of the shutters to complete the look. If you have a big blank wall in your home, this is a great way to fill it up and make it look great!

DIY Wood Barn Door (The Painted Hinge)

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3. Reclaimed Wood Art

Art is so much better when it’s handcrafted and unique. This multicolored reclaimed wood art is exactly that. This Hometalker started with very old barn boards with a lot of character. The more holes and saw marks, the better the boards. First, you must cut the boards to fit together exactly how you’d like. Next, use watered down acrylic paint to get the multicolored look. Finally, glue them all down on a piece of plywood. Then you’ll have this intriguing piece of artwork for your home that you created yourself. 

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art (Sheri K)

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4. Upcycled One-of-a-Kind Dollhouse

This upcycled dollhouse is both cute and chic. It was made using only scrap wood and thrift store finds. The structure of the dollhouse was made using a garage storage bookshelf. Wood was used to create many of the creative elements including the sofa, bed, fireplace and branch purse hanger. This dollhouse screams creativity and is completely functional and play-worthy for people of all ages.

Upcycled Wood Dollhouse (Funky Junk Interiors - Donna)

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5. Ladder Art

Combine a wood ladder and a cute saying to get the perfect wall décor. This Hometalker filled this empty wall in her home with this pretty piece that cost her hardly anything to create. After some wood prepping, an old piece of wood siding was cut into the shape of an arrow and the phrase “Choose You This Day” was stenciled onto the wood. Some twine was used to hang the sign from the ladder to complete the piece of décor. This is a great way to use old wood and dress up a plain wood ladder if you’re looking for a little bit more for your wall.

Reclaimed Wood Ladder (Kammy's Korner)

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6. Keepsake House Number Key Rack

This DIY wood project is the perfect combination of functional and memorable. The house numbers were saved from a house that someone had lived in most of her life. As a keepsake, this wood key rack was created using those house numbers. First, a piece of wood had to be cut very carefully, in line with the grain of the wood. The bit of sparkle in the upper right was added by crushing jewelry pieces and combining them with super glue. After many layers of Minwax Tung Oil, the house numbers, keys and hooks were added to complete the project. This project is a great example of how to showcase a sentimental piece of your life in a functional and beautiful way.

DIY Wood Key Rack (The Wood Project)

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DIY Wood Furniture Projects

DIY wood furniture can be a bit more complicated and time-consuming than DIY wood decor projects. However, it’s well worth it to have the perfect handcrafted piece of furniture in your home. Everything from a coffee bar to a picnic table can be made using new wood or re purposed wood. Depending on your budget and style preference, you can choose from a wide range of wood options, both new and repurposed. Here are a few stunning DIY wood furniture projects to inspire you to start on your next project!

7. Elegant Farmhouse-Style Reclaimed Wood Bed

Look at the lines on this gorgeous bed frame! Would you believe that this bed cost literally nothing to make? It’s all made from old deck boards that someone was going to throw away. Therefore, this project is free as long as you have stain and woodworking tools lying around your house. This Hometalker and her husband made this bed frame in just a few days. They used a paper pattern to get the exact design they wanted. They sanded and stained it, putting it all together to create the completed bed frame. This really is a perfect bed for an elegant farmhouse-style bedroom. 

Reclaimed Wood Bed (Suzie W)

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8. Solid Walnut DIY Bed Frame

Sometimes reclaimed wood just isn’t the look you are going for when designing your bed frame. If that’s the case, there is a wide range of new wood types to choose from to meet your style and budget needs. This Hometalker built a bed frame using solid walnut. It turned out stunning! This project included a lot of planning, gluing, and assembling. This solid walnut bed frame can fit well in a variety of homes, depending on what home decor you put around it to help define its style.

DIY Wood Bed Frame(Zac Builds)

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9. DIY Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Who wants a boring console table when you can have one with a rustic eclectic vibe? This console table has two elements that really stand out: the use of reclaimed wood on the drawer fronts and the unique vintage hardware. This great console table is not only well-built but also beautiful and functional.

Reclaimed Wood Console Table (Rogue Engineer)

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10. Work Bench Turned Coffee Bar

Don’t throw away those old, worn tables that you’ve been using for all your crafting and painting projects. Repurpose them! This Hometalker took her old industrial painting table and turned it into a chic rustic coffee bar. She added a storage shelf to the cart and then sanded and painted or stained the entire cart. To complete the look, she added casters to the legs. It now serves as a gorgeous rustic coffee bar. Everyone has at least one old piece of furniture just waiting to be transformed into something amazing! 

DIY Wood Bench (Melody)

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11. Floating Corner Desk

This floating corner desk is unique not only because it’s floating and a corner desk but also because it has a unique cedar and pine pattern. This pattern adds a stunning and one-of-a-kind look to the desk. This project was relatively inexpensive for a solid wood desk, coming in at around $150 total. Cutting all the wood pieces to the right size and laying them out in a pattern was a time-consuming task. However, it’s what gives this desk a great unique look so it’s well worth the extra time. After gluing all the pieces together, hours of sanding were required to get a completely smooth feel to the top of the desk. Some varnish, cutting and installation, and the desk were installed. This is a great desk to consider making if you have limited space in a room and want to make the most of it. 

Floating Corner Desk (Zac Builds)

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12. DIY Picnic Table

A lot of people make picnic tables, but this one really takes the look of a picnic table to the next level. It’s gorgeous, functional and unique. This Hometalker used three types of wood for this table: ipe, tigerwood, and cedar. Three coats of oil were applied to get this rich look. This table will require a significant amount of maintenance over time but what gorgeous picnic table doesn’t require maintenance?

DIY Picnic Table (World Contracting LLC)

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13. Outdoor Balcony DIY Chair

Sometimes a lack of space necessitates you creating your own furniture rather than buying it. That’s what happened to this Hometalker. A small outdoor balcony wouldn’t fit most outdoor furniture found in stores, so a DIY solution was needed. A small and simple outdoor chair was created using basic woodworking tools. A waterproofing stain was applied to ensure that this chair was durable sitting outside. Add a cushion and pillow and there you have it! A simple DIY outdoor chair that fits perfectly in a small space.

DIY Outdoor Chair (Engineer Your Space)

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Other DIY Wood Projects

There are countless items you can make with wood. Here are a few more ideas to keep you inspired and thinking outside the box when it comes to your next DIY wood project.

14. Custom Wood Deck Gates

These custom wood deck gates are the perfect addition to a deck, especially if you have dogs or young children. This Hometalker was especially particular about ensuring that the gates matched the style of the deck. This gives the deck a cohesive look. The latch system ensured that one of the gates could be opened all the way, allowing the gate to stay open permanently when necessary. This DIY wood project is a great way to add style and safety to your outdoor family area.

Wood Deck Gate (GrandmasHouseDIY)

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15. Pallet Built-in Bookshelf

People often have a love/hate relationship with built-ins. They can be beautiful, but they can also be bland and awkward. This Hometalker took a boring, standard built-in and created a beautiful rustic built-in using some pallet wood. It was a simple DIY wood pallet project with a big impact. They simply nailed up the pallet wood and then sanded, distressed and polyurethaned the shelves. Then the project was finished. If you have a built-in and a rustic look to your home, this project is a simple, budget-friendly way to upgrade your built-in.

DIY Pallet Bookshelf (Rustic & Refined)

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Are you feeling inspired but not sure where to start? Ask yourself a few simple questions to get started in the right direction: Where is there a blank wall, room or space in my home? What DIY wood project could fill and beautify that space? What’s my personal style preference and how does that impact what wood I’ll choose to use? The answers to these questions should get you off to a solid start on your next DIY wood project.

If you ever feel stuck along the way, Hometalk is the perfect place for more inspiration! When your next DIY wood project is complete, don’t forget to share it on Hometalk to show off your work and inspire others.

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