Chicken Coop

by Cmoonlitwolf
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We wanted chickens. And it looked like our city council was finally going to approve it. So we decided to build a chicken coop. Every piece of wood that was used was picked up off the side of the road. We started with a wood queen size bed frame we literally dragged off a fire pile in someone's yard. We also found a 3 piece bamboo room divider thrown out to the trash that we took apart and used for a vertical and a horizontal door. Some of our pictures got lost when we changed out computers but the following ones should give you an idea of the project. We even sent the details to Mother Earth News and it was accepted for their publication. The coop had a double roof to keep it cooler in the summer. It had spouting that captured rainwater and filled a blue water drum that was then going to be used for cleaning the pen. It had four laying boxes and two roosts. The bottom of the coop was screened in and gave them a shaded roaming area. The vertical door was for us to enter for cleaning and collecting eggs. The backside horizontal door lifted up and hooked on a chain, giving them access to an even bigger roaming area.
You can see the bed frame here. The floor of the laying boxes came from shelving that a neighbor thru out.
This is another view. The wide opening on the right is where the vertical door was put.
This is the backside where the horizontal door went. The red and blue panels on the left we got free from the side of the road and which we used to fence in part of the bigger roaming area. This area got a roof later using the bamboo screen (shown) that was removed from the 3 piece room divider we used for doors.
The new door now screened and installed.
Finished product. We had it partially painted. And we also decided to use the top of the coop to support our grape vine. A year went by and still no decision by the city council. By the end of the second year they finally come to an agreement: No one would be allowed to have chickens in the city limits. However, everyone could ILLEGALLY have up to two chickens, and the city ordnance would not be enforced unless someone complained. That was their two year decision.
So we took it all down and put up a pergola. But that's another project for another day.icon
Another view.
Going to put pavers in for our soaking tubs. But we were sure looking forward to fresh eggs every day.
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap wood   (From the side of the road)
  • Old fencing, screening   (left over pieces)
  • Chain, latch for vertical door   (Hardware store)
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  • Linda Linda on Apr 30, 2017
    Love it!

  • Cyn27563097 Cyn27563097 on Jul 26, 2017
    I want to see your soaking tubs, lol

    • Cmoonlitwolf Cmoonlitwolf on Jul 30, 2017
      Rubbermaid tubs shows in last picture. Inside bottom is smooth. Sidewalls lean outward slightly, supporting the back for good long soaks. Each tub has a shelf that lays across it for drinks, books...etc. I can sit in this and fill with 'raw' water up to my chin. Water is then drained to plants in the yard.