Monique Daviau
by Monique Daviau
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Got the chance to buy a wine rack at an estate sale for $10.00. I`m always looking for bases to make console tables with. I already had a live edge maple plank 38ìnch x 14 inch. just needed sanding.
This is what it looked like when I puchased it, but the base was upsidedown.
This is the rightside up.
All the attachment were on the old top
This is my maple plank. This is a rare Bird`s Eye Maple it cost me $65.00cnd., a bargain price from a good friend.
I transfered all the fixing to my live edge plank, very easy. Well after the sanding, that was time consuming with mutiple sanders and sand paper, after all it is hardwood.
This is the finished console/wine rack. I have put it up for sale and did not wax or varnish the plank leaving it up to the customer to choose the finish. Still looking for more bases. I have 2 at the moment, one is a Singer sewing machine base and the other an Italian ornate console table stand which had a glass top, this one is almost finished to be posed later, Hope you enjoyed!
Suggested materials:
  • Wine rack   (from an estate sale)
  • Bird`s Eye Maple Plank   (from a friend that makes fishing boats)
  • Sanders and sandpaper   (Already on hand.)
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