D.I.Y Lamp or Candle Table

5 Materials
1 Hour
Easy Peasy table to make. Amazing what you can get up to when your bored ❤️
I started my project with left over wooden fence posts that I cut into smaller pieces. Picture frames a wooden cheese board and a chalk board
I took the picture to bits painted the edge white and screwed the cardboard back using 2 screws on the post making sure it wa equal and level all the way around.
Next I put my wallpaper top on the board exactly the same size as the picture frame, them I put the glass back in and the frame back on
exactly the same process was used putting the bottom wood on, I used an old cheese board on one of the tables it was more solid than a picture frame
Then I got my lovely butterfly's and attacked them to the post using drawing pins which I put a dab of white paint on to hide the gold colours
Then I dressed them up nice with my favourite bits and pieces....and lit my candles...I would not advise putting little candles on the bottom It could be a fire risk I only lit these little ones for effect
All finished now ???? Where to put them haha well mine are for my Christmas room they will have trees on in December ❤️
Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (B and Q hardware)
  • Wallpaper   (B and Q hardware)
  • Picture frame   (Hardware shop)
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