DIY Farmhouse Table
Brought to you by our friend Tommy Sibiga:
This dining room table has been a labor of love…so to speak. It’s been fun to try out new tools and new techniques, and I’ve learned a ton for the next time around. This has really felt like the first time building something this substantial from the ground up.
I used 4-2×12’s for the top, 4×4’s for the legs, and I also really liked that the original design inspiration had two 15” extensions that could be added on (so I included that in my design as well).
The issue with wanting to use 4×4’s for the legs is that nobody really sells 4×4’s unless they are pressure treated. I had to purchase a majority of the wood from a local mill, which meant that it cost more than just using framing 2×4’s.
The first thing that I did was cut the 2×12’s, 2×8’s (for the breadboards), and 4×4’s to length. I then notched the 4×4’s out. I then made subsequent cuts in between, hammered out the little slivers, and then swerved the 4×4’s around on the table saw to smooth it all out. I strategically left about a 1/4” for the 4×4’s to still out just enough to give it some definition. I did the same for the 2×4 that was the stretcher along the bottom.
I used my Kreg jig for the first time to drill all the pocket holes on the underside of the 2×12’s. I spaced them out about every 12”. I also added some 2×4 support beams about every 24”. I then attached the bread boards using all my clamps. Once that was done, I secured it to the base from the underneath. I counter-sinked some screws through the 2×4 supports and then also had some pocket holes through the 4×4’s. The 15" extensions were just two 2×8’s screwed together with the Kreg Jig. I then attached some 2×2 strips on the underneath to slip into the table. I notched out the base 1.5”x 1.5” to allow for a nice tight fit.
I then sanded the table down and added a stain as well as wood wax.
Here is the final product!
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