DIY Loveseat From Old Chairs and a Headboard

3 Hours
This guy's wife has learned to not get upset when he pulls a u-turn to pick up junk off the side of the road. This East Coast Upcyclers project is brought to you by chairs found on the side of the road, a gifted headboard, reclaimed deck wood, salvaged nails and oops paint.
Whether you are cruising in an SUV or a sports car...always be on the look out for junk, you just may find your next DIY project!!!
Start with the chairs by taking the seat cushion off. You're either going to need a knife to cut through old material or a hammer to bust up a wooden seat.
Next, line the chairs up on the front ends. If you are lucky they will match up. But you're probably not going to get lucky. Don't over think it, you'll get it figured out on this next step.
Take the full headboard and set it behind the chairs and draw a line where the headboard will touch the chair backs (this is your cut line). Say a prayer and start cutting. Once you get the headboard to fit snug onto the backs of the chairs, screw or nail it in place to whatever the most sturdiest parts of the chairs are.
Now cut your boards to fit on the seats and screw or nail them in to the seats. Then get fancy and start cutting some funky curves with a jig saw or reciprocating saw.

Now, bust out your favorite can of old paint and go to town. In East Coast Upcyclers notoriously cheap fashion, a can of oops paint did the trick!
Now, let your creative juices flow and start accessorizing.
Remember, if you use it as an outdoor loveseat that the paint isn't going to hold up forever. Make sure to cover your paint with a protective coat.

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