Diy Workbench

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I think that has to be my favorite diy to date!

I needed something with tons of storage to get all of my dollhouse supplies put away and easier to find.

plus something I could move around so I can pressure wash my garage floors when needed.

First things first, I bought two matching 6 drawer dressers from Walmart.

Once the dressers were put together I flipped both of them up on their sides and pushed them together.

For this project I am using what materials I had on hand, so I found some 2 by 3 boards and cut them down to the width of the dressers.

I used glue first and clamped them into place before screwing them to the dressers.

I then attached the caster wheels I purchased to the boards only to figure out that I completely messed up! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I purchased locking caster wheels, which means I needed the wheels on the edge of the dresser so I can access the locks.

so I had to remove all of the wheels and add additional boards to get it to the height I needed.

Luckily I had these 1 by 5 boards

so we ran these the length of the dresser on the front and back.

then attached the caster wheels to the edge of these boards.

Now for additional support I added some of my left over scraps to the top sides of the dressers.

Using a strap to hold the board in place, then I glued and screwed it together.

I also went through and installed additional screws for more stability.

Now that everything is put together and secure, I sanded everything down flush and smooth.

And I spray painted the handles to give them a better look (in my opinion at least) 😉

Isn’t it fabulous!

and it holds so much!

come check it out and see video tutorials on Instagram

Suggested materials:
  • Dressers   (Walmart)
  • Caster wheels   (Amazon)
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