Entry Level Workbench

by Mark
2 Materials
4 Days

Building a workbench seems to be a rite of passage for most serious woodworkers. The Entry Level Workbench shown here is a collaboration between myself and Kevin at . I've detailed the design while Kevin and his son built the workbench as a father/son project.

Although this is called an Entry Level Workbench, it's built in such a way that it really never has to be replaced. It has a maple split top (Roubo) which is what many advanced woodworkers are using. It uses inexpensive vises but is designed to accept the more expensive hardware should you chose to upgrade.

All details including dimensions, parts list, tool list, and a full cost breakdown are included in the link below if you would like to build your own bench.

If you have any questions, Kevin or I will be happy to assist.

Thanks for viewing!

Suggested materials:
  • Full details provided in link
  • Full details provided in link
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