How to Easily Bend Wood

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How to easily bend wood with out steam box,and its called bent wood lamination. I will show you everything you need to know about this sliced wood bending technique and how to cut thin pieces of wood and then glue them back together using nothing more than a form, a ratchet strap and a little glue and clamp laminate action. This process is pretty easy compared to the final amazing results that you will yield. Bent lamination is such a joy for any woodworker. especially if you are looking to make modern furniture.

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How to sand wood - What sander should i get?
It's all about having a form and the right tools.
Table saws make it easy to cut 1/16" strips
Lamination of the strips
Suggested materials:
  • Walnut   (Lumber yard)
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  • William William on Sep 29, 2018

    Love it Jason. Not everyone's cup of tea. But everybody should try at least once. I've made bentwood chair legs for beach chairs and chaises. For added strength I would layer fiberglass mat in between every other layer of wood.