Log To Bench in an Afternoon

The Chirping Frog
by The Chirping Frog
My husband went hunting a couple weeks ago and brought home a couple large logs, some became firewood and others, well, we played this afternoon and have a couple benches ready for finishing. Great fun.
This is what we started out with. It's roughly 10' long. First thing was to cut it in half giving us two 5' lengths to work with.
If you look closely you can see two blue chalk lines. That's where he'd like to cut. That'll give us one central piece and two outside edges. I'm thinking a table for the center cut and benches for the outer pieces.
The goal was to stand this piece up to cut but the Bobcat died on us (we are still working on getting it started again) and between the two of us (him mainly) we could not get this lifted up. Not happening, so we wedged pieces of 2x4 underneath to raise it up for cutting.
One side off.
Now, with one edge off we were able to get it standing. You can see the other blue cut line.
Both sides off. This is the central piece that would make one heck of a chunky table. I might make it a bench also but either way I want it to have concrete legs. It has such a great clean look and I love the look of concrete and wood together.
He cut at an angle to chunk out a piece on the top of these two smaller logs roughly 18" in length to set the top into. Worked really well. We still have lots of finishing work to do and we plan on making many more to set around the lake. I am anxious to go tool shopping (I need a planer) so I can work on the table piece and start planning out the legs. What do you think, entry-type table or bench?
The Chirping Frog
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  • Carole Carole on Dec 14, 2014
    We have a 'free' bench at the foot of our garden made from cut down trees. Gotta love a free bench. You could make some smaller seats to go with by using more large logs cut down and on their ends like stumps. Heck, you could go one further and make a picnic bench - just need more trees! LOL!

  • Hannah V Hannah V on Dec 15, 2014
    This is awesome!