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The last few weeks (months) of summer break were a blur. We had way too many projects on our list and so much to do before starting virtual learning. Our DIY homeschool desk was finished in time, but somehow morphed into a full tween room makeover and we didn’t quite finish the whole project by the first day of school. Who am I kidding? We’re still not finished!

But, as promised, I wanted to share our desk plans. Maybe school hasn’t started for you yet, or maybe you’re behind just like us. Either way, no judgement. You’re doing great!

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Hubby and I brainstormed this desk — then we “Sketched-up,” “masked up” and ran to home improvement store for supplies.

Here’s the sketch:

The desk has an open front– we plan to add a drawer later, but if you want to keep it simple, this absolutely works with an open front. Kids can quickly grab their notebooks and supplies while keeping their work surface clear. It also has a book shelf along the bottom for additional storage.

Here’s what you need:

Ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Measure and cut all your pieces. As my dad used to say, “Measure twice and cut once!”

2. Assemble the legs. Place support braces in the middle of each leg and attach with pocket hole screws and glue. Attach the top brace to the top of the leg; attach the middle brace 8 ¾ inches below the top brace.

3. Attach back braces to both legs with pocket hole screws and glue. Attach the top brace to the top of the legs and attach the second brace 7 ¼ inches below the top brace.

4. Use pocket hole screws and glue to attach the desktop tray to the leg frames and the middle back brace. Position at the bottom of the lower back brace.

5. Assemble the desk tray together by joining the the (4) 1x6s cut at 31 3/4 inches wide with pocket holes and glue.

6. Attach the desk tray to the leg frames and bottom of the top back brace with pocket hole screws and glue.

7. Attach the book shelf tray (1) 1×6 cut 31 3/4 inches to leg frames and bottom back brace. The tray is positioned at the bottom of the lower back brace (see diagram above).

8. Assemble the desktop by attaching the (4) 1x6s cut at 40 inches wide together with pocket holes and glue.

9. Before attaching the desktop to the desk, fill all pocket holes using Rock Hard Putty.

10. Sand the desk and desktop.

11. Desk Body: prime, paint, and polyurethane (3 times).

12. Desktop Bottom Surface: prime, paint and polyurethane (3 times).

13. Attach the desktop to the top of the desk. Countersink holes using 1 ¼ inch pocket hole screws.

14. Fill countersink holes with Rock Hard Putty, let dry.

15. Desktop Upper Surface: Sand, prime, paint, and polyurethane (4-5 coats).

We’ve been shopping desk accessories, check our finds:

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If you make our homeschool desk, we’d love to see how your project turns out! Tag on Instagram.

Happy learning!

Misty | Back Porch Bliss
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Karen Karen on Aug 17, 2021

    What great parents. That sweet little girl learned more by helping with that desk than she would have learned in school. Good job.

  • Carolina's Art Carolina's Art on Aug 17, 2021

    Nice and simple. Love it.