Ikea Coat Closet to Shoe Rack Makeover

Ezra Shapiro
by Ezra Shapiro
7 Materials
45 Minutes

Our 10 year old Ikea hanging closet was dead. Too many hours in the sun had damaged the plastic and the closed was falling apart. But I thought it might make for an easy and decorative shoe rack.

This is the closet just after I decided to put it back to use.

Completely wobbly. Way too easy to miss the fact that it's possible to repurpose it.

Using a hand saw I removed the top part by sawing off flush at the corners.

That's the part that went to the trash...

Removing the nails and staples...

Glue the parts back together and then reinforce them.

This wood is really old but still soft, so I used a screwdriver and some short screws to hold the brackets in place. No more wobbling!

I cut a piece of cardboard with a box cutter, laid it in place, and secured it with some more of the same short screws. All done and easy!

Suggested materials:
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Cardboard box
  • Box cutter
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