Newly Built Headboard

Beth Ladnier
by Beth Ladnier
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I told my husband I wanted a custom built headboard and explained what I wanted. We had some old and imperfect boards out back and even though I originally was expecting horizontal boards, he went vertical! After several coats of trim paint, which we had on hand, I thought it turned out GREAT! The imperfections of the wood give such character. I just love it! So proud of him!
My Newly Built Headboard!
I was looking for a beachy, farmhousey, kind of look. Our budget was zero so if I was going to get something, we would have to use what we had. He started with a few measurements, built a frame with 2 legs and nailed the boards onto the frame.
The frame is actually old floor moulding.
Suggested materials:
  • Old fence boards   (Local Online Recycling Posts)
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