PVC Wine Rack

Wendy Smith
by Wendy Smith
Not only is this PVC wine rack a perfect gift idea, if you’re an entertainer who likes to serve wine, it’s one of those projects you’ll want to make and keep for yourself.
Gather these materials:

• 1 piece of Inteplast 1 x 4 PVC trim board

• 1 piece of Inteplast 1 x 10 PVC trim board

• Table saw

• Cordless or Electric drill with a 1-1/4” bit

• Clamps

• PVC cement

• Stud finder

• (14) 1-1/2” screws
Make four marks, every 10” on the 1 x 4 PVC trim board. Then, on the table saw, make miter cuts (45 degrees) at every 10” mark.
Once you have the four pieces cut of the PVC trim cut, which will become the wine bottle holders, roughly line them up to make sure they fit together. This also to determine the size of the backer board.

Next cut the 1 x 10 PVC trim board to 29” long and 9-1/2” wide.
All of the pieces are cut and ready for assembly.

First mark where the bottle holes will be drilled. Starting 2” from the end, mark the center for the first hole, and then from the center of the first hole measure over 3-3/4” for the center of the second hole.

Repeat this for each of the other three pieces. Check out the diagram at the end of this post for more detail.
Next, apply PVC cement on the edges of each bottle holder, and press them in place on the backer trim board.
After you’ve applied the PVC cement, wait about 3 minutes until it’s dry, and then flip it over and permanently attach with 1-1/2” screws, starting at the edge.

Apply three screws for each PVC bottle holder trim piece. Start from the sides and use a straight edge as a guide for the middle screws.
Now you’re ready to hang it on the wall. Using a stud finder, locate the stud.

Mount the rack with a screw on the top and one on the bottom, 1” from each edge.

Make sure you are going into a stud, you don’t want your wine collection to end up on the floor!
That’s it! Your finished project can hold up to 8 bottles of wine.
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