Asked on Dec 05, 2016

How can I build my own ottoman?

by SH
How can I build my own ottoman with storage from scratch? I'm looking to build something like this.
q how can i build my own ottoman , painted furniture
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  • Dal13542943 Dal13542943 on Dec 06, 2016
    take an old suitcase, cover it with fabric(glue and staple it on) and add feet-screw or glue on . You can buy the feet at Home depot, menards, or some other building store and stain or paint them; attach with screws or a special plate you can also buy when you buy the feet. if you want a padded top or sides you can buy batting at a sewing store and tuck between the suitcase and your material.

  • Judith Watson Judith Watson on Dec 06, 2016
    Google, "How to build an ottoman with storage" and instructions on several sites pop up...with pictures and supplies needed.

  • Edwina Romano Edwina Romano on Dec 06, 2016
    go to and enter
    "build a storage ottoman"

    • Gwenda Gwenda on Dec 06, 2016
      I used the idea for a 5gal. bucket painted whatever color you want then you get to choose the top. I went to Michaels and got a clock face ($10) to fit the inner diameter of the bucket so it would not slide. Hubby,sweetie cut a circle of wood larger than the opening by a couple inches and attached the clock face. I put batting I had cut in circles to my desired thickeness. Used off white microfiber I had salvaged from a destroyed drape. Voila. I put in throws and a nap pillow - aahhh.

  • Shawna Bailey Shawna Bailey on Dec 07, 2016
    The toy box lid support (or slow shut supports) will be the hardest part to find.
    Please let us know when you make it.
    I know I want to see the post for it.
    Put it in the comments so we can see it?

    • Tina Gallagher Tina Gallagher on Dec 08, 2016
      Wonderful pic. the piano hinge can be found at Lowe's, or online at the "toy box hinge supports' go by more than one name- they're pretty easy to find and inexpensive. all in all, the ottoman shown can be put together with scrap pieces and fabric with minimal expense. i can build this as a basic "trunk style" with trunk ornaments, corners, and even trunk locking latch in front with a removable trunk pillow top. Imagination is the only limit.

    • Robin Robertson Robin Robertson on Dec 10, 2016
      You did a beautiful job making that 'coffee' table ottoman. The tufting on the lid is gorgeous! Well done you!

  • Thanks, Robin, I think it's headed to the rec room after the holidays... I have a new one in mind :)

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Dec 10, 2016
    Several ways to from scratch, buy new at Ross, TJ Max, etc, or shop thrift stores and just reupholste.

  • Viv5196087 Viv5196087 on Dec 10, 2016
    use two old drawers, tuft them perimetrically and add wooden feet and joints

  • H. Chené Maurer H. Chené Maurer on Dec 10, 2016
    I had a small Ottoman done in ugly green vinyl I wanted to redo. I did need the storage compartment it had, and it has 6 sides to it! I measured fabric to wrap around it and sewed it so that it would go on with a tight fit. No need to fasten it anywhere, so it was easily altered int he future. the top I cut a piece of fabric to cover and wrap to the underneath where I stapled it, and covered the edges with a wood panel that fit inside the top of the space. PERFECT... LOOKED GREAT and easy to do. It took me maybe an hour and half.

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Dec 12, 2016
    You could also build them from the pallets.