Asked on Mar 23, 2014

How do I build a Murphy Bed that folds down from long side?

by Carol
I currently have a futon in my den that folds out into a full-sized bed. I am thinking I might like a murphy bed that will take up the same floor space when down, but could have a craft or sewing table that comes down from underneath the Murphy bed when bed is not in use. Because of the way the room is configured, the bed would have to come down from the long side. I have only seen them coming down from the short side with the head of the bed against the wall. I would need the head of the bed at the side. Any suggestions on how to do this?
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  • Laurie Constable Laurie Constable on Mar 24, 2014
    this looks cool

  • Carol Carol on Mar 24, 2014
    Except for the size of the desk, this is what I am looking for!

  • Muriel Muriel on Mar 24, 2014
    Where did you find this, please? Also can you get a larger picture of it. This Grandma can't find a way to enlarge for hubby to see. Thanks.

    • Carol Carol on Mar 25, 2014
      @Muriel I had trouble seeing the small picture as well, but if you look at the top of the picture, in teeny-tiny print, you will see a website, and I think if you go there you will find a larger version of the picture

  • Muriel Muriel on Mar 25, 2014
    Thanks I'll try that.

  • Muriel Muriel on Mar 25, 2014
    I tried the website but it doesn't come up anything that means much. I live in AZ and was hoping he/she was close to me as well. Did you try? Thx

  • Yvette Yvette on Mar 25, 2014
    I got right on to the website. Looks like they sell the woodworking plans and the spring mechanism for the fold up/down. not the beds in entirely. Love them myself. Keep this site for future needs.

  • Muriel Muriel on Mar 26, 2014
    Thanks Yvette. I used your link and put it in my favorites. It had a neat looking "Murphy style side bed", also other neat looking projects. Don't know what I was doing wrong, but got it ok with your link. Thanks for helping this Grandma! :)