Rustic Bench With Storage

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This is the ultimate mudroom bench that is very affordable to build. With square 2x2 legs, a rustic finish, and a hinged top, it provides seating and storage while making your home stylish with farmhouse charm. To see more photos and how I finished, visit the link to my blog at the end of this post!
Cut legs and sides to length. Create a mortises in legs and tenons on the sides. Since the sides are larger than 4", it's best to create (2) tenons. See how I create mine here. Mortise and tenon is one of the oldest and sturdiest form of joinery and after making a few pieces of furniture this way, you'll be addicted!
Start by gluing the short ends together. Use a generous amount of wood glue on all sides of the tenon and on the edge. Clamp tight and allow to dry. Join the ends with the front and back by gluing the tenon and the edges and clamping tight. Allow to dry.
For the top, I chose walnut but any wood will work fine. Since my boards were narrow, I used a buscuit joiner and glue to join them together. On the stationary board and edge of lift top, trace around your hinges and router out the depth of the hinge so your hinge stays flush with the wood.
Apply you finish and sealer to both pieces and all sides of your top. Rip your 1x2x3' in half. Trim to fit along the inside bottom of the front and back of your bench. Use glue and clamps to hold in place and either nails or self tapping screws for extra support. Cut your plywod to fit the bottom. You will need to notch the corners for a nice tight fit. Nail into place.
Finish the base of the bench. See how I finished this one here. After the top is dry, hinge the stationary piece to the lift top and center on the bench. Nail the stationary piece into place. Fill with goodies and enjoy!
Suggested materials:
  • (2) 1" x 10" x 4' pine   (hardware)
  • 1" x 2" x 3' pine   (hardware)
  • 2" x 2" x 6' pine   (hardware)
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