Spread Concrete On Your Countertop

Clamp down the mould, caulk the sides, and add strips of rebar to the concrete. Get tutorial here

Coat A Leaf For A Stepping Stone

Place the veiny side of the leaf facing upwards and press cement into the leaf. Get tutorial here

Include Concrete In A Party Bar

Attach fence pickets to the outside of the bar and affix the concrete top. Get tutorial here

Turn On Lights In A Cement Lamp

Cut the PVC tube in half, place a water bottle into the center, and fill with cement. Get tutorial here

Mix Up Cement For A Side Table

Slash the shape of your desired table in cardboard and after filling with cement put in dowels. Get tutorial here

Create A Discreet Key Holding Stepping Stone

Plot out your design by filling mosaics in a cake pan, and then fill with cement. Get tutorial here

Rest Your Drink On A Concrete Coaster

Use a plastic cup as the mold, and adhere felt onto the bottom. Get tutorial here

Shape A Hand Candle Holder

Mix a 4 to 1 ratio of cement and water, then put cement in a rubber glove. Get tutorial here

Get Creepy With A Concrete Skull

Drill a hole into a skull candle holder, fill skulls with cement, and tap lightly to make the concrete set Get tutorial here

Make A $5 Plant Stand

Pour Quikcrete into a bucket half way, stick in dowels, and pull out once dry. Get tutorial here