Tape Plastic Bottles For A No Sew Ottoman

Arrange the bottles into a circle, tape them all together, staple denim fabric onto a wooden circle. Get tutorial here

Staple On A Tufted Top With Buttons

Draw out a grid onto the wood with a sharpie, cut foam the size of the lid, cover in batting, and fold fabric. Get tutorial here

Recreate A West Elm Shaggy Ottoman

Spray paint the legs, trace the seat on the foam cushion, glue cushion to the wood, and staple on the fur. Get tutorial here

Add A Mattress Pad Onto A Table

Give the wood several coats of white, spray a layer of glue and press mattress pad on it. Get tutorial here

Make Your Ottoman Moveable

Attach wheels onto the bottom of the crates, sand down the edges, cover the lid with fabric, and fill with batting. Get tutorial here

Wrap Your Ottoman In Leather

Cut plywood to size, coat foam pad on wood, and staple on the buckskin hide. Get tutorial here

Put An Upholstered Top On Wire

Spray paint a wire basket metallic, and upholster with fabric a wooden board for the top. Get tutorial here

Fit An Ottoman Under A Chair

Measure out the height and width of the chair, turn crate upside down then attach casters, and sew fabric for pillow. Get tutorial here

Flip A Flea Market Table Into An Ottoman

Paint two small tables white, stitch the fabrics for the cushions, and staple down the cover. Get tutorial here

Use Cursive Fabric Over A Table

Clean down the surface of the table, fill with batting, and simply staple down the fabric. (Tammy Ward Boone) Get tutorial here

Make An Ottoman Silver And Shaggy

Spray paint the whole thing, cut 3 different textures of yarn, and use a rug hook to stitch in the yarn. Get tutorial here

Wind Rope Around A Tire For An Ottoman

Secure the rope with cement and nails on the tire, wrap till finished, and kick your feet up to relax. Get tutorial here