Taking an IKEA Console to the Next Level

Items like the IKEA Kallax shelf unit provide the perfect blank canvas, as we can see from Hometalker Remodelaholic, who transformed this piece to make it her own. By creating a simple base and custom molding, this Hometalker was able to customize her entryway console to suit her needs. Working with wood can seem daunting, however, this novel bit of DIY proves that there are easy DIY wood projects that anyone can do! Get tutorial here

A New Coat Rack with This Easy DIY

A pallet can be used for many things, and this DIY coat rack is one of the many easy DIY pallet projects we have here on Hometalk. Hometalker Brooke Riley-Re-Fabbed couldn't stress enough how easy this DIY is. Simply cut a board off the palette, nail it back onto the top, and then cut the palette again to get the desired size. After that, sand, paint, and add hooks and voila. Get tutorial here

Adding Style With Window Valances

The kitchen needs to be a functional room with the proper appliances, but equally as important are its aesthetics such as these great window valances. For Hometalker Faith Provencher | Design Fixation, her windows were in need of a facelift. Therefore, using some wood to create a frame and fabric to cover it, she created valances to add a traditional window treatment, proving that there are easy DIY projects for the home that take no time at all. Get tutorial here

DIY Dining Room Seating

The dining room is a place where seating can really fluctuate, which is why adaptable seating is ideal. A bench is a great seating option for the dining room, as it can hold more or fewer people as needed. Hometalker The Rozy Home shares an easy woodworking project to create a great dining bench for your home that's simple and tasteful. Get tutorial here

Peel and Stick Your Way to a Wood Covered Wall

Add some pizazz to any wall in your home with some reclaimed wood and tape. No glue, nails, or anything else required! While trying to incorporate a wooden wall into her home, Hometalker Stylebycasanova realized that the process could be made incredibly simple. The finished project looks amazing and, apart from the cutting of the wood, it is one of the many easy DIY projects for the home suitable for the whole family! Get tutorial here

Upgrade Any Window for Just $10

All it takes is a simple window trim to give windows in any or all rooms of your house that character you’ve been wanting. Hometalker Tiffany from Dream Design DIY urges individuals to customize the project as they see fit, to create the window trim of their dreams. For about $10, she demonstrates how she used pieces of painted wood nailed into the existing window frame to create a window worth looking at. Get tutorial here

Easy DIY Projects for Home to Maximize Space

While many of us crave more closet space, it doesn't always exist. However, many times, there are closets with single hanging space that, with the addition of a second row, could be used to store twice as much. Hometalker Engineer Your Space shows us how easy it is to add a closet rod to the bottom half of your closet to create that second row, yielding a roomier space! Get tutorial here

Extra Storage in the Bathroom

A powder bathroom is usually the bathroom that’s most on display, as the one that guests use most often, which is why design elements such as a plant and decorative objects are important. This is why Hometalker Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life has created a clever tray to be placed atop the toilet, allowing for décor to be displayed, while also being décor itself! Get tutorial here

A DIY for the Kid who Loves Baseball

Nothing is better than creating someone a room based around what they love most. For baseball fanatics, a simple place to start is with a DIY baseball hat rack, like this one by Hometalker Andrew @ Scrappy Geek. He has created the ultimate place for a fan to hang their hats on using wood from a pallet board and some baseballs – showing that all it takes are some easy DIY projects to transform a space. Get tutorial here

A Bedroom with Character

As somewhere you’re spending most of your time, it’s essential to have a bedroom that is comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. Hometalker The Red Painted Cottage transformed her bedroom with an easy DIY, creating her own board and batten wall to give the space some character. The difference the addition makes is astonishing and shows that easy wood DIY projects can go a long way. Get tutorial here

Just Add Paint

It's incredible what a coat of paint can do to a space and, in this case, paint was used to elevate a desk to fit in with its surroundings. With different parts purchased from IKEA, Hometalker Catherine created her ideal office desk. For this simple DIY, some bright copper spray paint was all it took to create a brand new desk after spraying the dark grey desk legs. Get tutorial here

Changing up a Room with Some Pillows

A simple way to change things up in a room is through your pillows. Hometalker Project Allen Designs highlights an easy DIY project that will have more of an impact on your space than you would think. Tasteful use of color and pattern in throw pillows can go a long way in a room and she shares how easy it is to create them using your favorites. Get tutorial here