Star Wars At-At bed

Win dad-of-the-year, with this DIY to help your little Jedi feel safe and sound, knowing the force is with him. Get tutorial here

Lord of the Rings Style Bunk Beds

Admit it - you fantasize about what it's like to live in a hobbit house. Well, it's time to find out! Get tutorial here

The Ultimate Princess Sleep Castle

With this elaborate castle bed (including a corner tower), there's no limit to your little princess' royal imagination. Get tutorial here

A Firetruck Bed (Every Toddler's Dream)

Whether you have a boy or girl, every toddler loves a beautiful red firetruck. They won't be able to wait for bedtime! Get tutorial here

The Best Bed for a Little Farmer

A personalized barn bed is your newbie farmer's dream sleeping spot. Just update an ordinary bunk bed for farming fun! Get tutorial here

Cozy Fairy Nighttime Nook

A magical garden cottage is the perfect place for a little girl to let her imagination run wild, and let it rest. Get tutorial here