The Basic DIY Tufted Headboard

Sometimes, it’s all about the basics. Something beautiful and simple can still be stunning – which is why we love Hometalker Urban Acreage’s turquoise tufted headboard that delivers just that. This vibrant DIY tufted headboard consists of plywood, quilt batting, a curtain panel from Target, and some buttons. To achieve the tufted effect, holes were drilled into the plywood, the fabric was stapled on top and the buttons were sewed into the holes to create the tufted effect. A seemingly simple process, with a beautiful and expensive looking outcome.  Get tutorial here

Adding Some Fun in the Bedroom with a Polka Dot Headboard

A whimsical addition to any room, this polka dot tufted headboard draws in the eye and screams for attention. It can be a fun focal point for any child’s room or the perfect way to add different colors to an otherwise neutral space. All Things G&D wins mother of the year after creating this cheerful polka dot tufted headboard for her four-year-old daughter. Combining white denim fabric bought online and 1-1/8" half ball covers, she has created not only a colorful tufted headboard but a durable one as well. Get tutorial here

A Velvet Tufted Headboard Fit for Royalty

Give your bedroom a plush and expensive upgrade with this velvet-tufted headboard, queen and king approved. Stephanie Shore Fisher, a Hometalker with an eye for detail, decided to create this headboard after a futile hunt for a velvet tufted headboard in the perfect shade of peacock. This headboard is sure to be the wow factor in any room. Stephanie used a heavyweight fabric and found she couldn't use a button-making kit to cover the buttons – instead, she hand-stitched a little pouch to tighten around each button and glued the button inside. Get tutorial here

How to Build a Tufted Plank Headboard

A twist on the traditional tufted headboard is this gray tufted plank headboard that Kayla @ Home Coming DIY’ed for only $120, a great saving compared to more expensive designer headboards. When thinking about how to make a tufted headboard, drilling holes and sewing buttons comes to mind. However, with this variation on a gray tufted headboard, the focal point of your bedroom can be made by simply stapling fabric to planks of wood. A beautiful headboard that’s inexpensive and easy to make, what more could you ask for? Get tutorial here

A Leather Tufted Headboard

A headboard with a different texture, such as leather, can really make a bed pop and stand out in a room. At the same time, the addition of a light colored tufted leather headboard like the one Thalita @ The Learner Observer used, can soften a space, creating a serene retreat for you to lay your head in at night. Alternatively, using a darker colored leather will have the opposite effect and, as such, can darken a room, showing that leather truly is a very versatile material. Get tutorial here

Sophistication at its Best with a Diamond Tufted Headboard

Hometalker Ursula @ Home Made by Carmona spent under $50 for a headboard that looks as though it cost several hundred. Using a distinct diamond tufting technique, wood from an old wardrobe has been transformed into the center of attention in this bedroom. This Hometalker’s secret is searching for low-budget materials that look expensive, resulting in a high-end looking tufted headboard for a fraction of the expected price. The diamond design adds a wow factor to the room and exudes sophisticated elegance. Get tutorial here

How to Make a Tufted Headboard Out of an Old Mantle

An old mantle can bring a sense of character into any space – it tells a story without saying a word and is the perfect focal point to a bedroom. By adding a tufted headboard into an old mantle, an element of new comes into the mix, creating an interesting and unique blend. Hometalker Scottie Vosburgh presents a unique spin on the classic look of a mantle and, by doing so, provides a comfortable place to lean back on. This shows a great approach to adding character to a room in an unexpected way. Get tutorial here

A Simple yet Elegant Cream Tufted Headboard

You would never be able to tell that this simple yet elegant tufted headboard started its life as several poster boards and fabric. Hometalker Alexa Katherine shares her innovative DIY, which offers a staple-gun free method for creating a tufted headboard that is a stylish and comfortable addition to any bedroom. Alexa Katherine shares her easy instructions that make use of a glue gun, poster boards, batting and fabric – making them adaptable for a twin, full, queen or king tufted headboard. Get tutorial here

A Painted Wood and Velvet Tufted Headboard

This tufted headboard shows that a little paint can make a velvet and wood headboard look expensive and high end while barely costing a thing. This Hometalker simply added paint to a velvet tufted headboard and the surrounding wood border to create a headboard fit for a luxurious bedroom or hotel. The white paint completely transforms this headboard into the gorgeous piece de resistance that the room needs. It is complemented by sheets in similar tones. Get tutorial here

A West Elm Inspired Tufted Headboard

Why spend hundreds on a headboard when you can spend just $11.84? Seem impossible? It’s not, as proved by Hometalker Living in a Fixer Upper. Wanting to recreate a tall tufted headboard she saw in the West Elm catalog, she set to work finding cost-effective fabric and using materials she had at home. This Hometalker recommends recruiting a friend to help when it comes to stapling the batting and fabric to the headboard, as it can be a difficult task to complete on your own. Get tutorial here

How to Make a Tufted Headboard Without Sewing

When it comes to DIY projects, everyone has their level of handiness. Some people may be good at painting, while others excel at using a staple gun. A key step in making a tufted headboard is usually sewing the buttons in – however, Hometalker ToolBox Divas shares an ingenious way to make a tufted anything without sewing. For those who are useless with a needle, this method is a lifesaver that uses a hammer, nails and strategically placed staples to create a beautiful tufted look. Get tutorial here

Tufting a Headboard with No Strings

Another variation on the no-sew tufted headboard is a quick and easy way to achieve this stylish look without needle and thread. A screw and washer are drilled into upholstery foam on top of a headboard to create a tufted look as demonstrated by Hometalker Pneumatic Addict. To ensure that the fabric will not fray from the drilling, be sure to use a heavyweight upholstery fabric. It is also important to note that you will need more fabric than you think necessary in order to create the tufts. Get tutorial here

A Tufted Slip Cover to Switch Things up

Last but not least, for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to the tufted headboard look, Hometalker Renee Coleman Roberson has presented a clever solution with her DIY project – a tufted headboard slipcover. Looking to lighten up her room for the summer with a white tufted headboard, Renee set to work with foam, buttons and fabric to create a slipcover for her wood headboard. This is the perfect project for those who are indecisive or like to change things up every once in awhile – no one will ever think that you’ve put a slipcover over your headboard! Get tutorial here