Salvaged Table Frame and Reclaimed Hardwood

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by Curbside Designs
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8 Hours

All of my projects are produced using recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed materials. However, this one has been the most rewarding essentailly because it was incredible quick, easy, and gave the materials a second life. (oh! and very inexpensive). This piece makes for a wonderful dining table or even a study desk. Hope you find it as satisfying as I did!

Table frame found on the side of the road.

Frame cleaned and sanded

Second coat of matt black steel bonding paint applied.

Reclaimed timber selected, crescent-shaped holes cut in preparation from biscuits and glue.

Biscuits and glued applied to form table top.

Glued, clamped, and waiting to dry.

Clean up and sanding process beings.

Sanding complete and cut to length.

Attached table from to table top.

Food safe, durable, gloss finish varnish being applied.

Third coat of varnish applied.

100% recycled dining table complete!

Suggested materials:
  • Victorian ash   (roadside/recycled)
  • 35mm stainless steel screws x10
  • Matt black paint   (Bunnings warehouse)
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