Console Table With an Easy, Unique Paint Finish

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We have a large wall mounted T.V in our guest room and we needed a table for other components such as a DVD player and a Wii and so on. Luckily my husband can build an item that I want once he has a picture of it, he's pretty skilled with woodworking.

Inspiration Table

Here's the inspiration piece at that I fell in love with at a furniture store....with a price tag I recall of $600.00 or more! I loved it but my husband knew he could build it and he trusted I could paint it so game on we'll create our own.


He used scrap pieces of pine wood that we had leftover from our bedroom makeover project to build the table. You'll see it was taking shape with just basic framing, as you can tell he built it and I'm writing the tutorial! I apologize that I don't have measurements or steps of the process because I first got to see it when he asked me to decide on the drawer pulls!

Drawer Handle Option 1

The drawer center is a scrap piece of beadboard left from the bedroom ceiling and it's just framed with pine strips. He built drawer fronts for the table unit but they would be for looks only.

Drawer Handle Option 2

I had to decide on a drawer pull, they were faux drawers but nevertheless they had to look like the real deal. You see we were running low on wood and drawers weren't doable or needed right now.

Looking for Storage Solutions

So since we were low on wood materials and I needed storage options??? The easiest, cheapest route to go was to buy a couple of of storage crates, just $10 each! Note....I'm in Canada and that's the price I paid because I know they are cheaper elsewhere.

Preparing to Paint

Next comes my input into the project, transforming the wooden crates with my fabulous art skills to get that rugged look the store table had. Problem # 1 he always wants to play, when mommy sits... I plays catch with her!😃

Custom Painting Crates

I simply used dollar store paints using one color at a time and painting it on in no particular pattern basically like a pre-schooler would paint... it was fun!

Three Colors Inside and Outside

I repeated the same pre-schooler painting techniques with a bright blue and yellow, leaving bare spots here, there and everywhere. Trust me it's not hard and no they will not be this bright once I'm finished with staining them.

Stained Top Coat Completed

Here are the crates all finished and put into place after they were stained all over in a brown stain and spray varnished to seal it. I used a Min-Wax water based stain in the colors we had leftover from our guest room. The colors chosen were both minwax, coffee for the brown tone and melon for the yellow accents the same ones we used in our room renovation.

DIY Version - Console Table

The dark brown stain really toned down the bright crayola colors and the table my husband built was perfect to house the two crates. They provide stylish and valuable storage for books, extra pillows, etc. and they can be displayed in either of the two ways shown. Yay for our teamwork, we accomplished our goal!

Suggested materials:
  • Pine wood   (Hardware Store)
  • Wood Glue   (Hardware Store)
  • Assorted Craft Paints   (Dollar Store)
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  • Patricia ruffino Patricia ruffino on Mar 01, 2019

    love that as well, like it better then the original!

    tell me are those paintsticks on the bottom shelf, they look like the same width?

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  • Dande,OR Dande,OR on Sep 12, 2017
    OMG! You just solved a problem I have been wrestling with. I have an older piece that was my Mom's that I have been trying to figure out how to finish. Now I know, thanks for the technique.
    Also, I like your stand better than the inspiration piece. Nice job.

    • Thank you, thank you so nice to hear that I was the cause of that alarm bell going off in your head! Lol! Hope it works out well for your project.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Sep 13, 2017
    I"m so happy to learn this technique, thank you!

    • I know that mine could be better next time but I was pleased with his project, glad to share and happy painting to you. Thank you.