Wine Glass Storage

Nancy S.
by Nancy S.
3 Materials
10 Minutes
I found a cool old wood plank just waiting to be used after reorganizing a storage shed. It took longer to figure out what to do with the board than the actual project took to complete. Maybe sitting under the shaded patio with a glass of wine was my inspiration?
I collected some tools and supplies. Next I determined how many glasses I could fit on my board just by laying out a few. Ends up I can easily fit 6 with space around each so they don't clang together.
I measured with a tape so all would be even. 1-1/2" from the edge and 1" space between for the glass stem and marked with a pencil. I decided to drill starter holes just to make things easy and neat. I'm not giving all measurements since you can choose where you want your glasses to hang and use any size board.
I hammered in 3-1/4" 16d nails with a total of 12 nails creating 6 hangers. I checked a few times to make sure the glasses would fit to determine how deep to hammer the nails. Again that's decided by the wood you choose to use.
I attached the board to the wall with a screw, added glasses and done! Now the glasses are easily accessed and have given me more space in the cabinet where they used to be stored.
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap wood   (already had)
  • 16d 3-1/4" nails   (already had)
  • Measuring tape, hammer, drill, pencil
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  • Sue Sue on Aug 26, 2017
    And, what type of wine were you drinking? Fantastic idea!

  • Ruth Ruth on Aug 28, 2017
    Great idea....but, where did you get the giraffe????

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