How I Kept My Window Boxes From Falling!

Ann M
by Ann M
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2 small window boxes on window ledge
For some reason this year after 3 months of growing, while I was watering them, they got too heavy and fell right off. (I found this garden girl this spring on Grandin road)
Windowboxes fell off sill
I placed them back on the sill but Iknew they wouldn't stay. So then I remembered I had some bamboo which I used to prop up my hydrangeas.
Pushing bamboo stick into ground.
So I took 2 bamboo sticks and pushed them into the ground right in front of each box. Then I cut them off at the inside height of the lip of the plastic window box.
Placing under lip of the edge of the box
I placed each stick under each lip of the edge of the plastic window boxes. I'm hoping that the weight won't keep pushing them further down but I did each box after they were thoroughly watered and boy were they heavy. I also pushed each stick down as far as I could into wet ground before I cut them off to go under the lip.
After a week
They've been up for a week now after being watered daily and they're doing the job of holding up those window boxes. And I'm happy!
You can hardly notice them. You actually notice the ones holding up the hydrangeas more!
And that art piece I found at an art fair last year in South Haven MI. Love it!
Suggested materials:
  • Bamboo sticks   (I've had a pkg for several years)
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