How to Reuse Old Tires Making a Minion Planter

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Hi friends!

I hope you've had a fantastic day. We are still here enjoying the good weather and we love being outdoors rearranging plants and planter. Just the other day we went out with the girls to walk the dog and we found next to the garbage dumpster two tires. Ahem, ahem. Walking with two children and a dog, it seemed a bit excessive to pick up two tires, but when they saw them they started jumping all excited and told me to took them home to be a companion for the lonely tire our dog had adopted

I'm easy going regarding junk, I know ... Well, being two girls and two wheels the process was simple, each of them rolled her own tire its way home, with the added luck that we did not meet any neighbor. What more can we ask for?!

Also because I love tires, they have so many uses! Here there are  15 different ways to repurpose tires.

That afternoon we went shopping because we had already decided what to do with all three tyres. Yes, we left Pinxo (our dog) without his. We bought some spray paint and I must tell I am a fan because it is fast and the finish is perfect! From here and throughout the whole process of spray painting I did it alone, as we only had a mask and security is our priority. First thing to do is to protect the surface where you are going to paint the tire, and protect it well without skimping on paper or plastic unless you want a nice stencil on the ground ....

If instead of spray painting it you want a more budget-friendly solution, you can make your own  homemade chalk paint.

You will find more pictures of the templates we did to give the tire the look of a Minion in my blog post, link at the bottom.

As we had to wait for the paint to dry, we headed to a small forest we have very close to our house and that it has an abandoned house. The slats of the broken shutters would be great to fill our tire, as well as some plastic bottles.

At home and once placed the timber, we filled the tyre with soil.

Here's our Minion planter in all its glory!! Isn't it cute?

Suggested materials:
  • Tyre   (Free)
  • Spray paint   (Dollar Store)
Sweet Things - Pili
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Julie Harper Julie Harper on Jan 25, 2016
    As a doggie bed, do the tires "stink" like tires inside the house?

  • Lou32075060 Lou32075060 on Jan 09, 2018
    I tried this and I am having issues with the paint cracking then peeling off on the top surface (not the side walls), did you face the same?

  • Shona Shona on Apr 08, 2018

    i want to make one of those cute horse swings, do u know how. They r the best tire swings n looks like a horse lol

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  • Darlene Darlene on Apr 12, 2018

    I have tire gardens on my trees and on the lawn Painted them all different color and added plants to the middle.

  • Debbi Morales Trudeau Debbi Morales Trudeau on Apr 12, 2018

    That is so cute! My ex husband was living at my daughter's and made her a giant tea cup out of tires to use as a was actually quite nice.