Fill a purse with soil and flowers

Use an old handbag to hold your new spring garden, then display it on your porch. Get tutorial here

Repurpose abandoned drawers for the garden

Turn a few lonely dresser drawers into pretty garden spotlights for your porch by adding legs. Get tutorial here

Find a free file cabinet to fill with plants

Those clunky metal cabinets make excellent planter boxes, especially after a refreshing paint job. Get tutorial here

Turn a colander into a succulent centerpiece

Take a kitchen colander, give it a fresh color update, and fill it with flowers for your garden. Get tutorial here

Cut up tires for colorful porch planters

Turn old tires into colorful porch planters on the cheap. Just cut them, pull them into shape, & paint. Get tutorial here

Make concrete hands to hold plants

For a fun twist on concrete in the garden, try making cupped hands to show off your greenery. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a fountain into a statement planter

Fill an old stone fountain with pebbles and succulents, to create a gorgeous focal point for your spring garden. Get tutorial here

Fill trash cans with overflowing greenery

Turn a few metal trash cans into lush container gardens by filling them with greenery. Get tutorial here

Turn old light fixtures into plant towers

If you happen to spot a set of light fixtures, scoop them up for this planter set look. Get tutorial here

Stack concrete blocks for cacti

The hard, grey of concrete blocks looks perfect paired with bright colored cacti - so try this! Get tutorial here

Turn empty paint cans into cute flower pots

Add stripes or other decoration to a few empty paint cans, to create cute flower pots for free. Get tutorial here