Cover Up A Planter With Distressed Pallets

Staple in the pallets on the planter and brush on a bold bright color like blue. Get tutorial here

Create Your Own Hanging Planter

Spray paint plastic hangers and cut twine to the length you wish for them to hang. Get tutorial here

Wrap Chicken Wires On Planter Wood

Bring out the color of the wood with a mixture of vinegar and canola oil, then form chicken wire in a triangle. Get tutorial here

Move Around Planters With A Pulley

Stain the rope with a black walnut bath and pull the rope through the buckets and onto the pulley. Get tutorial here

Transform A Thrifted Car Into A Planter

Insert a screen under the hood to keep the dirt from falling out and paint a bright canary yellow. Get tutorial here

Line Planters On A Decorative Window

Take an unused window and paint on the window with glass paint. Get tutorial here

Make Watercolor On A Planter With Sharpie

Scribble with a sharpie marker onto the planter and drop rubbing alcohol on it. Get tutorial here

Put Your Plants In The Washing Machine

Tip over, spray paint, and put over an affordable planter inside. Get tutorial here

Ditch The Soda, And Use The Bottle

Chop off 2 inches from the top of the bottles, and insert the top into the body of the bottle. Get tutorial here

Raise Your Planter With Stairs

Lean stair risers on a sturdy surface and fill planters with potting soil. Get tutorial here

Reuse A Light Globe To Your New Planter

Apply wood glue to the joints to attach and arrange the light globe inside. Get tutorial here

Fill Wheatgrass Into A Mason Jar

Mix white chalk paint with colored chalk paint and fill with soil after jar is dry. Get tutorial here

Put Your Plants In The Gutter

Cut down the gutter to 33” pieces, and paint with chalk paint to write down the herbs in their respective places. Get tutorial here

Stack Cinder Blocks For An Oversized Planter

Simply arrange the blocks so the opening aren’t being covered and transplant your garden inside. Get tutorial here