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Look no further than the recycle bin for this easy eye-catching upcycle idea! If you love air plants, you’ll adore this unique planter.

The recycle bin is full of ideas for crafting, like these plastic shells from LED light bulb packaging.

So if you’re upgrading your light bulbs, save all the packaging – and accessories! In addition to the plastic shell, we also combined it with a standard base adapter from this chandelier bulb packaging.

The base adapters allow the cement ‘bulb’ to be screwed into a porcelain lamp holder socket – just like a real light bulb! For a closer look, head to our blog (click the link below this post where you see our logo).


If you’re a visual learner, watch the video below to learn tips and tricks for make this easy cement planter.

Using any straight side round object, like a film canister or hair spray cap to create a hole for the top.

Trace around the round object with a marker right on the top of the plastic light bulb packaging. Then cut a hole in the top as shown with scissors or a utility knife.

The film canister should be able to slide into the hole to displace the wet cement. That’s what will create the hole in the top for the air plant to sit in.

Use a piece of cotton to spread a coat of vaseline onto the inside of the mold, the canister and metal base adapter. If it’s too thick, you’ll see texture when you pour the cement into the mold so a little goes a long way.

Then place the base adapter into the cement mold so it sits at the bottom of the light bulb shape.

To seal the cement planter mold and prevent leaks, secure all sides of the light bulb packaging with binder clips.

In fact, put them tightly side-by-side so the cement will stay inside the mold.

Cut the water bottle in half, as shown. While the bottom half is used to support the mold, ready to receive the cement, the upper half is used as a funnel. It will help direct the cement into the mold.

For the cement mixture, the ratio is one part water to four parts cement. Our air plant holder uses 8 ounces of power and 2 ounces of water.

Mix the Rapid Set Cement All with water according to package directions, stirring for only a minute until the water is well absorbed.

Pour the cement into the makeshift plastic bottle funnel.

Before inserting the film canister, tap the side to release air bubbles (I did it after on the video).

Now insert the film canister and tape it down. Then let the cement dry for 1 – 2 hours.

Let leftover cement dry in the plastic container. We’ll use it later as a sanding block.

After 1 - 2 hours, take off the binder clips and remove plastic packaging.

The base adapter will likely have a light coat of cement on it. Break off as much cement as you can.

A metal punch helps remove the rest. Tap it, as shown in the video, to crack the remaining dry cement on the base adapter.

Now use the cement puck you made from the leftover cement to sand the ridges on the sides of the cement planter.

Once sanded, screw your DIY light bulb planter into the porcelain base and pop an air plant right into the top.

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