Asked on Mar 29, 2014

Outdoor shower

Polly Zieper
by Polly Zieper
I drive by a house on my way to my kids' school that has what looks like an outdoor shower hanging on a hook. I'd love this, if my kids could shower outside, after getting dirty or playing in the pool., instead of traipsing through the house leaving a trail of dirt or pool water on their way to the indoor showers. That is, if it works. Does anyone have one? Is there shampoo that won't harm my lawn?Any thoughts?
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  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Mar 30, 2014
    Most old Florida beach homes have outdoor showers, usually with some kind of privacy barrier. Necessity for washing off sand! They're just a simple shower faucet and shower head.

  • Emma Santoro-Adkison Emma Santoro-Adkison on Mar 30, 2014
    We have a garden hose attached to an old Tobacco Barn. My Husband made a way to attach the garden hose & shower head for the little ones when they visit. When they are not here, it's another way to water our Back garden. Just purchase 2 of those Plastic fences & corner them for privacy. They are fairly inexpensive on sale.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Mar 30, 2014
    I don't live at the beach, unfortunately,I live in the 'burbs, but would love an outdoor shower to keep dripping kids from dripping from the back door to the bathroom , on their way to the shower.

  • Valerie Valerie on Apr 01, 2014
    I am sure you would be able to construct something simple by using plumbers pipes. PVC pipes would be another option, but might lack the stability of the plumber's pipes. I would have two uprights, which I would bury into the ground, with bends on either side, and a rod across the center. Run the hosepipe up one of the sides, using cable ties to attach. Use an ordinary hose sprinkler in the center. If you would like to be able to move it around, set the bottom of the pipes into two buckets with cement.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Apr 01, 2014
    There are simple ones that are just connected to hoses, but mine is built in because I want hot water. I use it almost every day. I wouldn't worry about the shampoo given how diluted it is by the water. The biggest downside is that you're likely to get dollar weed around the shower because of the moist conditions.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Apr 02, 2014
    Actually,I found an outdoor shower on sale at a home store that connects to the fawcet we use for our hosesoI don't need to construct it myself..I hadn't thought of the privacy fence, though, thank you, since the kids will probably be showering in their swimsuits, but its a good idea, and I'm going to look into it.I think I just need my hubby to hang a hook into the stucco wall to hang the showerhead, and I need to buy a fewsquare concrete tiles or something similar, for the kids to stand on when showering, so they don't step in dpg poop or on a bee.Thanks, everyone

    • Valerie Valerie on Apr 03, 2014
      @Polly Zieper I am so pleased that you found a solution - I am sure your kids are going to enjoy it!

  • Le' Le' on Apr 09, 2014
    We built an outside shower fenced in...also have a small hot water heater in potting shed next to it. Great place to bath the dogs.. It's the hot water that I love.

  • AuntQueenie AuntQueenie on May 05, 2021

    find ideas on outdoor pool accessories. I have seen them it is a hose that is looped upward with a sprinkler head like a shower. At least that is one type.