Asked on Oct 30, 2017

What is the best material to use for outdoor cat enclosure panels?

I will construct a large area (100' x 200') outdoor enclosure for my cat sanctuary. It will have a 28' climate controlled unit for them to turn into. My preference would be to make framed panels for easy alterations (additions, change in season positioning, & take down). It it southern exposure to a 75 acre cypress millpond with a plethora of wildlife in its surround.

PLAN: The frames would be treated 2'x4's with black vinyl coated chicken wire. 8' high with the 2' 45° inside fence safety top. Width up to 16'. These frames will be securely held in place by heavy duty steel U-channel posts.

MY CONCERN is the bottom rail sitting on the ground. It's moist & damp southeastern NC soil. I would like to use 1 1/2" PVC pieces to elevate the bottom lumber rail. I thought to cut them into 6" lengths with some holes drilled into their tops, placed at a right angle under the frames....every 2 feet or so. Pitched for drainage as well.

We are currently in a campaign to collect treated lumber, roofing panels, black vinyl coated chicken wire, hardware, etc. We'll be constructing dog houses as well & repairing our existing dog kennels. We design in accord to the materials at hand.
We are fortunate to have credit at Lowes. The labor will be donated. Blessed.

q what is the best material to use for outdoor cat enclosure panels
The view!
q what is the best material to use for outdoor cat enclosure panels
Ellie in the dog park.....she was adopted in Jersey!
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  • Sco19943475 Sco19943475 on Oct 30, 2017
    Look at the new Antonio Balllatori show starting soon. I also saw Jackson Galaxy use snow screening I believe to enclose areas in yards. Maybe shocker wire used too? Lucky kitties.

  • Mil14255899 Mil14255899 on Oct 31, 2017
    we built a catio 3 years ago with treated 2x4 s and metal screening, the floor is plywood with holes drilled in so any rain can drain and w put a rubber mat on top of that. ours is in the air connected to a window so off the ground but if you use but if you use treated railroad ties or something like that to raise it up so it can dry under that would work

  • Dee Dee on Oct 31, 2017
    I just made a cat enclosure and was informed by my vet NOT to use TREATED lumber because it is poisonous to animals

  • Ellis Ellis on Oct 31, 2017
    Perhaps concrete curbing would work? If not poured in place, how about the long blocks that are used in parking lots? With the right drill, you can make holes in concrete where you need them.