Build a Raised Garden Bed and Super-Charge Your Garden

Wet & Forget
by Wet & Forget
It is still too early to plant vegetables outdoors in much of the country, but that doesn't mean that you can't be working on your garden. This is the perfect time to build your own raised garden beds, so your garden will be primed and ready when it comes time to plant. Raised garden beds warm up faster than the ground does for a longer growing season, have better drainage, and will help you get the maximum use of your space and pump up your harvest. Raised beds also make it easier to optimize your soil composition and require less bending when it comes time to weed--a total win for both you and your garden! Read on for the lowdown on raised garden beds.
Raised Garden Bed
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  • GIADA S GIADA S on Aug 18, 2014
    how did u use your reg garden space must have been a huge undertaking,,,

  • Christine Christine on Oct 19, 2014
    Just came in to take a break from [wait for it] working on my own raised bed and came across this! Go figure. Mine is 24' long x 4' wide, and at its deepest end, about 27" tall. It's on a small rise. Just a suggestion for underneath your garden soil and garden paths: cardboard. And lots of it. Sections of newspaper work, too. They're biodegradable (obviously) and suppress weeds really well. It takes a year or so for the layers to decompose, so in the meanwhile, you've also got something that helps retain some moisture under your plants during hotter months. I cover my walks with wood chips I get from the tree trimmers in the summer. Your gardens are beautiful! :)