Drag Stair Risers Outside for a Super-Smart Garden Idea

Julien K., Hometalk Team
by Julien K., Hometalk Team
20 Minutes
I've always dreamed of a super simple, easily accessible and manageable herb garden. I've tried different methods of keeping them in the past, but they always end up growing into one another, being displayed poorly, or being infested with bugs. But with this stair riser idea, I can keep herbs right outside my back door and quickly snip, pull or pick the herb I need for my next meal.
Lean your stair risers against the wall or surface they'll be used on, then connect them along the bottom with a strip of wood. It sounds too simple but you can watch how easily it comes together below. 

Sit your planter boxes along the tops of your risers just like I do in the video. Then it’s as simple as filling each planter with soil and adding your seeds or herbs. I put some cute little markers in their too so that I wouldn’t end up with the wrong spices in the wrong dishes! 

Just watch how simple it is to snip and snatch from my new simple and sweet herb garden! Honestly, everyone needs one of these easy and tasty additions to their backyard.
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