My first spring garden - rennovating the landscape

Angelica P
by Angelica P
I've spent the last several months clearing and constructing. Central Texas hill country means you only get about an inch of soil before you hit limestone and chalkrock! I've been taking pictures of the progress and thought its time to share. It looks pretty plain right now, but this spring it should have that country cottage feel. I'm in the process of planting the beds now, so when everything starts to come to life I'll add those too. Upcoming plans are to bring in large walking type stones and crushed granite for around the beds. The big dark hole in the dirt is where I am starting to dig for a pond and water feature! I want to put in a brook, we'll see. This has truly been a transformation! This whole area was full of overgrown bamboo and every kind of weed you can think of! Oh, and most of the materials used are recycled materials and this is where I have been learning how to use power tools!
I took some old strips of wood and attached to the bird netting with a staple gun, then reinforced with surveyers tape to stabilize the bird netting.
First bed's built. (There's 2 of them 5' x 8'... I've added smaller ones at each end... as seen below.
Beds under construction. This has bulbs and flower seeds. Recycled fence - see before pictures below.
I wish I had left more room between beds. I still need to scrape the walkway better here. I planted 2 grape vines and wildflowers along the fence. Notice the snake/bunny fence. A must out here.
My compost bin. I built it myself out of pallets and old fence.
just another view of my work in progress.
I just added this first smaller bed, it is designated for tomatoes, peppers and herbs.
Future home of the pond, and possible brook.
back smaller bed, I'm trying the three sisters. I know it's small, but I'm trying it anyway. Corn, green beens and squash.
raw area under construction, garden beds to the left, pond construction on the right. I think this will eventually have an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area?
long view of garden side.
Just another before picture. I love the old shed, I've added flower beds around it. Lots of passionflower vines cover it in spring to late fall.
before photo's of what is now my garden...
Bamboo is a nightmare! I spent almost a year ripping the roots out of the ground!
This fence was removed. A section now back of pallet compost bin, another section turned sideways and reused. Black bin in bacground is up against barbed wire fence where all raised beds are situated.
Here is a before picture, just to give an idea of the area.
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  • Karen Mitchell Karen Mitchell on Jun 08, 2017
    We had to remove some of our picket fence and I had so many plans for it. I told my partner about my plans too. a few months went by, I was having a rest when I heard voices and noises outside, never thought much about it, Until! Partner said someone came to pick the picket fence up, I was like, what??!!!
    As you can well imagine, I was angry and upset, I literally cried... Damn men!

  • Victoria Bachlotte Victoria Bachlotte on Jan 04, 2020

    Awesome! Getting ready to plan, build and plant a 15'x200' strip of land. I have plans to recycle the old deck into green house and raised beds.

    You really inspire me!

    What will you use for your pathway?