Privacy Fence Face Lift

by Cmoonlitwolf
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We had a three fold problem. The privacy fence we have is cheap, and allows the neighbors dog to see our cat. Fighting at the fence was becoming a problem. Also, we wanted to put in a support system for our local insects and lizards. And last, the fence needed shored up for hurricane season. On top of all that, our end result had to be 'pretty.'
I had already started putting stain on the fence. Wasn't sure yet what I was doing with it. The neighbors dog almost pushed thru the fence to get at our cat. That kicked everything into high gear. That's our dog in the picture.
Money was an issue so this is what we used for materials. Behind that bamboo is beige shower curtain. One shower curtain cut in half long ways. Over that is the bamboo, which comes in a roll . It also was cut in half. Then the 4" x 8' trim boards. Fence and boards was stained with cedar stain. The stakes were used to shore up the fence. It's our fence but the posts are on the neighbors side. The stakes are positioned between the posts on the other side. Lots of staples and screws.
We were driving around one day and came upon an estate sale. And found the brick. It was time to lay out foundation for insect/lizard village. We picked up interesting things from the side of the road and from the thrift stores to use in the village. This phase of the project is still ongoing.
Each fence board near the top of the fence was secured with washer and screw to the back board that ran along the back. The fence boards were originally secured with screws during it's manufacture and the screws were half way thru the wood, which isn't that thick to begin with. In some places the screws were all the way thru. The ones I put in were all done by hand. Much stronger and no damage to the wood.
It's an ongoing project but it is nearing completion. I think we covered all the requirements. Shored up fence. Check. Critters quit fighting. Check. Insects and lizards have a village. Check. It's 'pretty.' Check. The blue and green house we picked up at the thrift store for $2. I think it was a home made jewelry ? box. The lid flipped open. I fastened the lid and inside it has a top drawer that came out. I fastened it and drilled access holes on the sides and on the bottom. Put some hay up inside it and anchored it to the ground with a stake. The lizards love it. Put a hobbit door on then fastened a mail box to the side of the house. One thing I did just for me....I bought vintage streamers (that go on the handle bars of a bike) and attached them to the stakes. I won't be adding the cost of them. Not part of the project. lol But I LOVE them!
Here is a better picture of the village.
Suggested materials:
  • Shower curtain (6 at @$5 ea.)   (Dollar Store)
  • Bamboo Roll (6 at $10 ea.)   (Home Depot)
  • Screws Washers ($15)   (Ace)
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