Replacing the Handles of Garden Tools

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Replacing a broken handle can often be done easily and at less than half the cost of a new tool. Also, there are times when an old or specialty tool cannot be found to purchase. In most cases the tool should be repaired instead of thrown away. Replacement handles for common tools can be found alongside the tools in hardware stores and home improvement centers.
How to Replace the Handle


New handle kit


Hand Saw
I slid the head onto the handle as far as it would go then bumped the base of the handle on the floor to make sure it was well seated. This left about half an inch of handle sticking through the head.
Using a rubber mallet, I hammered the wood wedge in as far as it would go. The edges broke up as I drove it in, which was to be expected and I just kept driving until it was all the way in.
Then I used a hand saw to trim off the extra half inch of handle sticking through the head, cutting it flush with the top of the head.
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