Creating Custom Shelves For Your Pegboard Organizer

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
For my daughter's pegboard, I wanted to organize some of her favorite items. Mainly, I wanted a place to keep her personal hand sanitizers and her lip glosses. I guess my premise was, "A place for everything and everything in its place."
I went to the home improvement store and brought several different pieces of Craft Boards - Select Pine. I bought a variety of sizes and widths.
This is how they are labeled in the store. You will usually find them near moulding and table legs.
Then I began playing with some different ideas. I liked both of these, but I thought the Baby Lips might fall over a lot. So I decided to stack two thin bottom boards and put holes in the top one to hold them in place.
The first shelf went together quickly. But if I had it to do again, I would make the sides shorter and have the long front piece cover the side end cuts. I works either way, I just think it would have looked better the other way.
I didn't use nails. I didn't want to deal with a nail set. So I just used wood glue and clamps. If it falls apart, I will let you know but it seems very secure right now. I glued the bottom piece to the back piece first. After that was dry completely and secure, I added the sides and front. I clamped it very well and I let it dry over night.
I made sure that it fit just right before I painted it.
The Baby Lips holder was a little bit more complicated. I used an old scrapbooking tool to determine the size hole that I would need. I used 3/4. It wasn't snug here but after drilling and painting, it was a tight fit. I might go up a size next time.
I drew some lines and spaced my circles equal distances from each end and then a half inch in-between each circle.
This was my first time drilling large holes. I drilled a pilot hole first and put a 2 by 4 below. I had my wood clamped down securely. I kept thinking that I should have watched a YouTube video on how to do this part first but I managed. I drilled about half way through on one side and then flipped it over and kept going until the little donut shaped wood piece popped out. The pieces are laying loose here just so you can see the holes. When I was drilling, they were clamped to the 2 by 4 and the work bench.
I made sure that the lip gloss container fit in each hole before I glued the two pieces together.I clamped and glued again. I had to invest in some heavy duty clamps, my plastic ones just broke into pieces either from the heat or old age. These should last a good long time. Once the shelves were dry and painted, I held them up the pegboard and marked where to drill the holes to attach them. I used 1/4 inch machine screws with nuts to attach them to the pegboard. They can be moved at anytime. I really like the versatility of them. In a craft room, they could hold spools of thread and bobbins, paints, anything at all that you want to organize.
I also added some silver knobs from an Ikea organizer to hang things from. Any knobs would do. I just added a couple of nuts to the back side to hold them tight.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
Since this was custom to my daughter's pegboard and her personal items, I wasn't sure if anyone would want exact measurements for the shelves. If you do, just let me know in the comments and I will add them to the post.
I am still adding organizers to the pegboard. I added a make up brush holder and the rail from Ikea.
Now I want to make one for me for my craft room!
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