Custom Shelves in Palmer Park

Howie's Painting, LLC
by Howie's Painting, LLC
A customer living in some nice condos in Palmer Park was in search of shelves for a space between his bedroom and office. We had painted his house before, so he asked if we would be interested in building some shelves for him. This is the project we took on for him.
First we drew up the plans to show him and for his approval. How we actually built them was a little different than the design, but he was much happier with what we came up with.
Gluing the top and face together, and clamping them down until the paint dries, then screwed them together. .
Glue and screw triangle braces cut to the length of the facia board and at a 45 to the underside.
This shelf is complete. One more to assemble and then we're off to install them.
Both shelves are complete and ready to be hung.
It's important to find where the studs are in the walls. In this case, because of the age of the condo, we were dealing with plaster walls and there were no wood studs in the walls, we used hollow wall wing anchors.
Taped off to be painted.
Installed the hardware. We used J shaped hooks intended for bathroom doors to hang your towel or robe, and then a galvanized pipe about 12" long and threaded on both ends, a galvanized cap on one end and a flange on the other to fasten to the fascia for hanging up garments.
Left side
And the right side. Complete!
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